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Save the Environment: Medical Waste Disposal in San Diego

ATI Medical Waste Management cares deeply for the environment and is here to help medical facilities to properly dispose medical waste so that our natural environment is not harmed.

The services we offer are:

Sharps – Mail-Away Program for Sharps Containers

ATI’s mail-away program for sharps disposals is an effective and affordable solution for the disposal of needles, syringes, and various types of medical sharps. Our mail-away program is approved by the United States Postal Service and adheres to all regulations. We remain cost-effective by eliminating service and transportation fees for our customer’s and each disposal comes with pre-paid postage for convenience.

Each sharps container comes with a protective bag liner, which is then filled with sharp disposals. When container is full, it is placed in the pre-paid postage return box and returned via USPS back to an ATI treatment facility for destruction. Each package is tracked with a bar code and comes with complete tracking documentation.

Biomedical Waste

ATI offers a complete medical waste disposal program with total infection control during the treatment and disposal of medical and bio-hazardous waste in San Diego. ATI provides full range of sharps and reusable containers for disposal process. ATI’s mail-away program for sharps disposals is an effective and affordable solution for the disposal of needles, syringes, and various types of medical sharps.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Is comprised of distinct waste disposals that reflect the range of the chemicals that compose pharmaceuticals. As pharmaceutical waste is categorized either controlled or uncontrolled, we adhere to FDA regulations when treating these types of materials. At ATI, we reduce the costs and risks associated with disposing pharmaceutical waste. Our OSHA compliance program ensures that these materials are disposed in accordance with EPA and FDA regulations.

Chemotherapy Waste

Includes expired drugs, aborted dosages, contaminated personal protective equipment, and other materials. Chemotherapy waste is also categorized as either bulk or trace. Many healthcare facilities separate trace chemotherapy waste from infectious waste. ATI’s chemotherapy waste containers are pre-labeled with the chemotherapy waste symbol.

Pathological Waste

We take great care in addressing pathological waste, as it is any recognizable human or animal body part or tissue. ATI’s pathological waste containers are pre-labeled with the pathological waste symbol. Our OSHA compliance services ensure sensitive materials are disposed in accordance with EPA regulations.

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Our OSHA Training Program Keeps San Diego Green

Proper training on medical waste disposal is imperative for the safety of employees as well as the environment.

AOSHA Training ATITI offers OSHA training packages that will help your facility stay compliant, reach safety standards for its employees, and guarantee that the environment and wildlife are protected at the same time.

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Why ATI?

We cater to your facility with a system suited just for you! ATI will become your partner in managing your facility’s medical waste stream.


We offer complete Medical Waste Management Solutions:

  • Treatment of medical waste at state approved facility
  • Flexible schedules and transportation systems
  • Full range of Sharps and Medical Waste containers
  • Sharps mail-away program
  • Reusable containers of various sizes
  • Computer controlled tracking of the containerized medical waste, including electronic weighing, barcode, and RFID container identification
  • Complete OSHA training programs about medical waste handling, identification, recycling, and volume reduction

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Are you MWMA compliant?

According to the California Health and Safety Code in the Medical Waste Management Act, each medical facility is obligated to properly dispose of their medical waste.

This not only ensures that the health and confidentiality of your patients is protected, but it also helps keep our environment clean of medical waste.

If you’re unsure of what this requires, reach out to us and we will guide you to becoming compliant. We services from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco, covering over 80% of California.